'I'm not drunk!': Don Lemon sings, holds puppies, gets 'lady lit' for NYE

Ringing in another year of on-air shenanigans, CNN’s Don Lemon brought a mix of work and play to the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage from New Orleans.

His entertaining antics once again sent the #DrunkDonLemon hashtag into overdrive on Twitter, where users posted footage of the anchor singing, dancing, cradling puppies and tossing back drinks while reporting live.

“Everyone wants to see Don Lemon get lady lit!” he told co-host Brooke Baldwin.

“What number are we on?” she asked as he slurped from a plastic cup and gave Tito’s a shoutout. Lemon admitted he’d stopped counting.

“Don Lemon fried out here,” one Twitter user wrote, along with two laughing emojis. Another gave him props for “living his best life.”

At one point, recalling his namesake hashtag, Lemon shouted, “Make it trend! Make it trend! #DrunkDonLemon!”

“I’m not drunk, but whatever,” he added, promptly changing topics as he turned to Baldwin and asked, “So listen, do you like Mexico?”

New Orleans’ local paper, The Times-Picayune, trolled Lemon over his drinking, wondering as he began his broadcast, “Is that a beer already @donlemon?”

Check out the highlights below:

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.