Dire report warns California condor could be wiped out under Trump administration

From endangered to extinct — that was the grim upshot of an alarming report on Wednesday that points the finger of blame squarely on President Trump’s administration.

The Endangered Species Coalition released the 24-page report that dives into great detail about the perils endangered species are encountering in a much less-regulated wild.

The Endangered Species Act, which was enacted in 1973, has been at risk since Trump took office, claims the coalition, which cites the dismantling of the legislation through regulations that weaken existing provisions and hinder creating new safeguards.

The report focuses on 10 species facing imminent extinction including the California condor, the red wolf and the West Indian manatee.

Animals that went extinct in last 100 years
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Animals that went extinct in last 100 years

Baiji dolphin

Year declared extinct: 2007

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Thylacine, also known as 'Tasmanian wolf' or 'Tasmanian tiger'

Year declared extinct: 1986

Photo: Getty

Pinta tortoise

Year declared extinct: 2012

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Golden toad

Year declared extinct: 1989

Photo: Getty

Caribbean monk seal

Year declared extinct: 2008

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Caspian tiger

Year declared extinct: 1958 or 1970

(Photo public domain via Wikipedia)

Formosan clouded leopard

Year declared extinct: 2013

(Photo public domain via Wikipedia)

Pyrenean ibex 

Year declared extinct: 2000

(Photo public domain via Wikipedia)

Toolache wallaby

Year declared extinct: 1937 or 1970's

(Photo public domain via Wikipedia)


Among the biggest concerns for the California condor is the ingesting of toxins. Garbage dumps brimming with poisons and carrion laced with lead can hurt the birds who possess unusually strong digestive acids.

Other dangers include poachers, electrical lines and turbines. Environmental experts believe there are only about 300 of the majestic creatures on Earth.

“The Interior Department under President Trump has been especially cozy with the industries that are harming the very wildlife the department is supposed to protect,” said Endangered Species Coalition Executive Director Leda Huta. “If the administration has its way, the new regulations will put these species on a fast track to extinction.”

The red wolf, which was declared extinct in the wild nearly four decades ago, could only be found in captivity. Thanks to a successful breeding program, members were reintroduced into the wild in 1987, but as few as 30 may actually still exist today.

Under a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal, the animal’s habitat could be reduced by up to 90 percent.

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