Bryce Harper had White Sox fans freaking out over an Instagram comment


The winter meetings are over and Bryce Harper still doesn’t appear close to making a decision on his baseball future.

The truth is, with just two weeks until Christmas, there are very few clues as to which way Harper is even leaning. But rest assured, fans of teams still reportedly in the hunt for Harper are searching for every possible clue in every place you can imagine.

Instagram included.

Over the last couple years we’ve seen plenty of instances of Chicago Cubs fans going crazy over photos of Harper hanging out with longtime friend Kris Bryant. The hope being that Bryant was doing some serious recruiting during their times together.

Now though, it’s getting to be crunch time, which is why Chicago White Sox fans were predictably freaking the heck out after Harper left a very positive comment on Nicky Delmonico’s Instagram video.

Harper wrote: “Wiffle ball on the beach with Sox fans! Doesn’t get much better” before adding “#soxonthebeach #mexico”.

The response from White Sox fans was fast, overwhelming, and in some cases admittedly irrational.

One really can’t blame Sox fans. Harper not only acknowledged them, but in no small way complimented them. That has to count for something, right?

Of course, there were also fans ready to throw cold water on their new found hopes.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Harper signing with the White Sox has become a distinct possibility this winter. They’re reportedly among the most aggressive suitors for Harper and Manny Machado for that matter.

Baseball fans are searching for Bryce Harper clues in every possible place. Instagram included. (AP)
Baseball fans are searching for Bryce Harper clues in every possible place. Instagram included. (AP)

At the same time, there’s a lot more to this process than Instagram posts and friendships. Harper’s about to make a business decision. One that will likely earn him over $300 million.

Can the White Sox make that kind of offer? Maybe. But can they match the Philadelphia Phillies or Los Angeles Dodgers if either team decides to up the ante? That’s perhaps the biggest question that will be answered in the weeks ahead.

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