Watch: Little boy jumps from second story inferno into officer's arms


Dramatic footage from the body cam of a police officer in Balch Springs, Texas has gone viral after the amazing rescue of a little boy was caught on tape.

After being called to the scene, the officers began frantically running up the stairs and through the halls trying to evacuate all tenants from the 8-unit building. To their horror, they soon realized that one family was trapped on the second floor.

“To see them up in that window it was scary very scary,” officer Tyler Gross told the local news.

As the flames grew bigger, the officers hatched a plan to get the 10-year-old boy, who was standing frozen in the window, to safety. One officer threw his baton to first break the window, and then they all pleaded with the nervous child to jump to safety. “We got you buddy, it’s ok” you can hear them yell to him as he whimpers for help.

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Much to the officers’ relief, the boy finally takes a leap of faith, and falls into their waiting arms. Though he can be heard crying for his mother, he came out of the experience miraculously unscathed.

“He was a great old trooper,” the officers told Inside Edition afterwards.

“That day everything lined up and we were just able to do good.”