Manhattan nanny found guilty of trying to kill infant boy by stuffing baby wipe down his throat

A Manhattan nanny has been found guilty of shoving a baby wipe down the tiny throat of a 2-month-old boy in her care last year, nearly killing him.

Marianne Benjamin-Williams, 47, was found guilty on all counts including attempted murder, assault and strangulation after one day of deliberations in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Benjamin-Williams forced a baby wipe down the windpipe of little Maxwell Blutreich on May 18, 2017 inside his family’s Waterside Plaza apartment.

Emergency responders found him blue, limp and barely breathing.

He was saved at Bellevue Hospital where the cause of his medial trauma was only discovered in emergency surgery because the wipe had been pushed so far down his airway it was not visible.

Prosecutors argued at trial the sitter was fed up with Maxwell’s incessant crying.

“He was crying all the time and the defendant had it,” Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg argued in summations on Monday.

A lawyer for Benjamin-Williams said Maxwell could have accidentally “sucked in” the moist cloth or it could have been placed near or inside his mouth by his 14-month-old sister.

Doctors for the prosecution said those explanations were impossible.

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