Twitter users mock Hannity's panicky new ‘war on Christmas’ rant

Twitter users are calling out Fox News host Sean Hannity for an all-caps warning on the social network that “CHRISTMAS IS UNDER SIEGE.”

The object of his ire isn’t a “happy holidays” or the removal of any sign of Christmas, but rather a Massachusetts church celebrating the holiday while making a point about refugees.

Saint Susanna’s Parish in Dedham has placed the baby Jesus in its Nativity scene and the Magi behind a fence, according to Boston25.

Sixty-five million refugees worldwide seeking a better way of life and we were wondering what that might look like 2,000 years ago if this family encountered the same dynamics that are taking place in our country right now,” pastor Steve Josoma told the station.

Hannity tweeted:

Given his own history of politicizing the holiday ― and his support for President Donald Trump, who made it a literal campaign issue ― Twitter users weren’t having it.

Here are some of the replies:

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