Owners arrested after starving Great Dane chewed off his own foot to survive


Two pet owners in Greenwood, South Carolina, were arrested after their starved 6-year-old Great Dane gnawed off his own foot to survive.

Jessica James, 32, and Skylar Craft, 38, were charged with ill treatment of animals after their neighbors called the police to report a neglected Great Dane, named Lucifer, which was left tied up in the couple's yard for weeks, WESH reports.

Without access to food or water, the desperate dog resorted to eating off one of his own paws and part of his leg for nourishment.

After his owners were taken into custody, Lucifer was surrendered to Noah's Arks Rescue and renamed Luke. According to the organization, the emaciated animal, which is described as "a sweet, loving, gentle giant that wants nothing but love," should have weighed around 140 pounds when he was found.

Instead, he checked in at just 70 pounds.


Photos of Luke:

A representative for Noah's Arks Rescue wrote that Luke had multiple severe infections and was in such critical condition that doctors postponed the surgery to remove his leg, believing that he would not survive going under anesthesia.

"Poor Luke has got to be one of the saddest cases we have had in a long time," read the rescue's website. "All of the pups we save are sad and desperate, but his reaches down into your soul. Noah’s Arks Rescue said that although the specialists and doctors are doing all they can, Luke is still in danger of losing his life."

While the organization is doing the best it can with its limited resources, it says it desperately needs donations in order to provide for the critically ill pup.

"Luke has a long road of medical ahead of him, and we have to have funds to stay on top of this," it wrote. "Please, continue Donating and Sharing with your friends so we can give him every possible chance to survive. We solely depend on Donations to save these beautiful pups."

To donate towards Luke's care, click here.