Despite 2017’s deadly flu season, over 40 percent of adults don’t plan on getting a flu shot this year

A poll by NORC at the University of Chicago found that over 40 percent of American adults haven’t gotten their flu shot yet and don’t plan to.

The poll found that 41 percent of adults don’t plan to be vaccinated despite last year’s record-high death toll.

Apparently most were concerned about the side effects of getting the shot, while others don’t think it works very well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that of those who did get flu shots the last two seasons, the chance of getting the flu dropped 40 percent.

The flu virus killed 80,000 people in 2017, including 180 children -- making it the deadliest flu season in decades.

The poll also found that 39 percent of parents of children under the age of 18 don’t vaccinate their kids.