Sarah Sanders: Trump spoke with Putin at G-20 dinner


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed Saturday that President Trump had an “informal” conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit in Argentina.

“As is typical at multilateral events, President Trump and the First Lady had a number of informal conversations with world leaders at the dinner last night, including President Putin,” Sanders said in a statement.

Just prior to the start of the summit, Trump had announced he was canceling his planned meeting with Putin.

“Based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine from Russia, I have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in Argentina with President Vladimir Putin. I look forward to a meaningful Summit again as soon as this situation is resolved!” Trump tweeted Thursday.

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The tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated on Sunday.

Russia’s seizure of “three small Ukrainian naval vessels and 23 sailors — including at least three wounded in a shooting by the Russian side — was the first overt armed conflict between the two sides since the beginning days of the conflict in 2014, when Russian special forces occupied Crimea,” notes the New York Times.