Trump retweets Hillary Clinton’s comment about black people


President Trump on Wednesday retweeted a meme featuring a comment Hillary Clinton made about black people.

It read, “Hillary on Black People: ‘They All Look Alike’” and was shared by Charlie Kirk, the founder of the conservative group Turning Point USA.

“WOW – if a conservative said this they would be boycotted and not allowed back in the public arena — Hillary said ‘all black people look the same’ – incredibly racist thing to say Hillary!” Kirk also wrote.

That quote was pulled from Clinton’s late October interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher. She had attributed a quote from former Attorney General Eric Holder to Senator Cory Booker.

After correcting the mix-up, Clinton joked, “Yeah, I know they all look alike.”

The crowd erupted in laughter and Swisher commented, “Oh, well done.”

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