Over a third of migrants stranded at the border have serious health issues, Mexico official says


Over a third of the migrants who came with the caravan to the U.S.-Mexico border are apparently suffering from a slew of health issues.

According to Tijuana’s Health Department, migrants are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis and chicken pox among other problems.

Also within the 6,000 migrants are also four cases of HIV/AIDS and at least 100 migrants have lice and skin infections.

And a spokesman said there is also a threat of a hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions.

They are all being housed at the Benito Jaurez Sports Complex which only has 35 portable bathrooms for the thousands of migrants.

Tijuana’s Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum says the city only has enough money to care for the migrants for a few more days.

And while some have self-deported already, a majority of the caravan continues to seek entry into the U.S.

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