Former CNN host rips network, says they give a platform for 'racists and white supremacists'

Soledad O’Brien was an anchor at CNN for 10 years before leaving in 2013, and now the former host is going after her former employer on Twitter.

O'Brien said the network gives a platform for racists and white supremacists in order to boost their ratings.

She was responding to a progressive writer who said, “their anchors want to have their cake and eat it too. They want credit for calling out abhorrent behavior but when they enable the same behavior they insist they’re just ‘hearing them out."

O’Brien wrote, “This exactly -- they give a platform -- and their credibility -- to racist/white supremacists/all in the name of ‘hearing them out’ (which is a ratings ploy btw)”

In the past, O’Brien has been outspoken in her criticism of President Trump, and has gone after CNN.

Tweeting about an article written by Chris Cillizza back in March she said, “This terrible analysis by Chris Cillizza is in part why people hate the media.”

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