Trump calls GOP senator who made ‘public hanging’ remark an ‘outstanding person’

President Trump on Sunday offered support for Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, days after her controversial “public hanging” remark.

“I will be in Gulfport and Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday night doing two Rallies for Senator Hyde-Smith, who has a very important Election on Tuesday,” Trump tweeted. “She is an outstanding person who is strong on the Border, Crime, Military, our great Vets, Healthcare & the 2nd A. Needed in D.C.”

Trump told reporters on Tuesday her “public hanging” comment was made “in jest.”

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When asked if he’s concerned about her being re-elected, the president replied: “No, Cindy Hyde-Smith is a spectacular woman. She’s a great senator. She came in, she’s done a fantastic job in a short period of time. She made a statement which I know that she feels very badly about it, and it was just sort of said in jest, as she said.”

Hyde-Smith made the remark in regard to her fondness for a cattle rancher, notes the New York Times.

“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” the Republican Senator said.

Many found the reference to be appalling, as Mississippi’s history includes the lynching of no fewer than 600 black people.

Hyde-Smith has since apologized and asserted that her words have been used as a political weapon against her, reports Politico.