Gore says Trump administration tried to ‘bury’ dire climate report by releasing around Thanksgiving

Al Gore has accused President Trump of trying to “hide the truth” by burying an alarming climate report released by his own administration.

On November 23, the former vice president issued a statement on his website, saying: “Unbelievably deadly and tragic wildfires rage in the west, hurricanes batter our coasts — and the Trump administration chooses the Friday after Thanksgiving to try and bury this critical U.S. assessment of the climate crisis.”

“The President may try to hide the truth, but his own scientists and experts have made it as stark and clear as possible,” Gore added.

The conclusions drawn in the 1,000-plus page report are dire, with the Introduction stating in its first sentence, “Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.”

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And the section ends by saying: “While Americans are responding in ways that can bolster resilience and improve livelihoods, neither global efforts to mitigate the causes of climate change nor regional efforts to adapt to the impacts currently approach the scales needed to avoid substantial damages to the U.S. economy, environment, and human health and well-being over the coming decades.”

This assessment appears to be at odds with the position of President Trump, who tweeted Wednesday: “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?”