Moroccan woman confessed she murdered and cooked boyfriend after he said he was leaving her for another woman

A Moroccan woman confessed she killed and cooked her boyfriend and fed his remains to workers after authorities found his tooth inside her blender.

She called the act a moment of “insanity” after her boyfriend of seven years told her he was going to marry another woman from Morocco, BBC reported. She has reportedly been sent to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Prosecutors said the suspect — who is in her 30’s— mixed his remains into a traditional rice and meat dish to give to Pakistani workers near her home in in the city of Al Ain. Authorities only learned of the slaying months later, after the victim’s brother discovered the man’s tooth in the suspect’s blender.

He went to the home in search of his brother but made the gruesome discovery instead, The National reported.

He reported his brother missing to Al Ain Police, and DNA tests later confirmed the tooth belonged to his brother.

The woman was arrested and told police she kicked her boyfriend out of the house but initially denied the murder. She later however, confessed to killing and cooking him up in the traditional dish, called machboos.

Details of how the woman killed her boyfriend have not been revealed by authorities, but she did admit to using the blender to mince his flesh.

The woman’s friend admitted she helped her clean up after the crime and saw blood stains, but did not witness the killing.

The woman will go to court after the investigation is complete, prosecutors said.