Ivanka Trump’s 2009 book warning on dangers of email comes back to haunt her

Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump faces a House investigation into her alleged use of a personal email account for government business.

But President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter perhaps should have known better, given how she reportedly wrote about the dangers of communicating via email in her 2009 book The Trump Card: Playing To Win In Work And Life.

“My friend Andrew Cuomo, New York’s great attorney general (who is now Governor of New York), tells me that e-mail is the key to prosecuting just about everyone these days,” wrote Trump.

Trump added that people “can be so incredibly slapdash with their electronic messages, as if they were some modern version of smoke signals that can disappear without a trace.”

But it was “just the opposite,” she noted. “E-mail correspondence can be retrieved in perpetuity, so there’s no hiding from what you’ve written in haste or just hoping it goes away.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.