Report: Trump privately questioning if Pence is loyal

President Trump has privately questioned Vice President Mike Pence’s loyalty, reports the New York Times.

“In one conversation after another he has asked aides and advisers a pointed question: Is Mike Pence loyal?” according to the Times.

“Trump has repeated the question so many times that he has alarmed some of his advisers,” the Times noted, citing sources. “The president has not openly suggested dropping Mr. Pence from the ticket and picking another running mate, but the advisers say those kinds of questions usually indicate that he has grown irritated with someone.”

This news comes amid speculation about many high-level changes in the Trump administration in the days ahead.

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Trump on Thursday insisted that the White House is “running very smoothly,” despite reports of the chaos within.

“The White House is running very smoothly and the results for our Nation are obviously very good. We are the envy of the world. But anytime I even think about making changes, the FAKE NEWS MEDIAgoes crazy, always seeking to make us look as bad as possible! Very dishonest!” Trump tweeted.

A Washington Post piece on Wednesday noted: “New reporting paints a picture of the administration descending into a thunderdome of backstabbing and resentment as staffers jockey for position or wonder whether they should get the heck out, all presided over by an erratic, unhappy president.”