Trump: White House working on new rules for reporters

President Trump said there will be new rules and regulations for reporters at the White House.

This comes after a judge ordered the White House to restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials after last weeks heated exchange with Trump.

The president said that they want quote “total freedom of the press,” but also said they have to practice decorum, saying that if journalists don't abide by the new rules they make, they will end up back in court and win next time.

Trump has reportedly directed White House officials to cut off interactions with reporters that violate decorum. He described this behavior as asking three or four questions in a row or refusing to hand over the mic.

A lot of people took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts after U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly granted CNN’s request to restore Acosta’s pass.

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One person in favor of the ruling wrote, “A victory for the First Amendment and a free and independent press.”

Another wrote, “We're gonna have a constitutional crisis because of Jim Acosta's press pass aren't we.”

Mike Huckabee, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ father, also chimed in. Writing, “What would federal judge do if Acosta "challenged" him in his courtroom and argued and wouldn't shut up when judge told him to and refused to give up mic when bailiff tried to retrieve it? Asking for a friend. And for half of America.”

The Hill reports CNN sued the White House for allegedly violating Acosta’s First and Fifth amendment rights. The lawsuit against the Trump administration still has to make its way through court.