Melania Trump says it's 'not surprising' that media 'ridicules' her for speaking out against cyberbullying

First lady Melania Trump said on Thursday that she isn’t surprised by the criticism directed at her “Be Best” campaign, which, in part, addresses cyberbullying and urges parents to teach their children about using social media responsibly.

She said during a speech at the Family Online Safety Institute’s annual conference: “It is not news or surprising to me that critics & the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue, and that’s OK. I remain committed to tackling this topic because it will provide a better world for our children.”

Her choice to focus on cyberbullying has been commented upon by many given the online behavior of her husband. Though President Trump reportedly tried to convince her to drop the plan, she forged ahead.

According to NPR, the first lady has also faced criticism for not appearing to be incredibly active in advancing her “Be Best” campaign, which was officially launched on May 7.

Notably, she has made a number of initiative-related appearances in recent time, including a trip to Africa.

See photos from the first lady's trip to Africa: