Man's mugshot goes viral due to his unusually large neck


Authorities in Florida caused quite a stir with a Facebook post featuring the mugshot of a man arrested on multiple drug-related charges.

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office took to social media on Nov. 13 to share the news that it had apprehended Charles Dion McDowell, who had previously been on the lam.

McDowell was charged with fleeing, eluding or evading police with lights & sirens active, as well as possession of meth, cocaine and weed with the intent to sell, manufacture or deliver.

While McDowell's capture was likely a point of pride for local sheriff’s office, social media users were a bit too preoccupied with one of the man's standout features to appreciate the accomplishment — namely, his sizable neck.

Witty comments poured in on the post, with one person noting that the man is "up to his neck in charges," and another writing, “His neck is still at LARGE!!!"

See McDowell's mugshot:

"Y’all come on. He gotta lotta weight on his shoulders right now," wrote one punny user.

"You people should be ashamed of yourselves. All this neckativity isn’t right at all," another chimed in.

Other commenters wondered if McDowell might have issues finding clothing to suit his large neck.

"Dude puts his turtle neck sweaters on upside down," wrote one man. "(I know) he can't button the top 3 buttons," said another, noting the unbuttoned shirt McDowell is wearing in his mugshot.

At least one person shared semi-kind words for the inmate, writing, "better luck necks time."

McDowell's mugshot had racked up over 281,000 comments and more than 255,000 shares at the time of publishing.