Senator Marco Rubio failed miserably trying to use NFL analogy on Twitter

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) attempted to use a football analogy on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon when he went on a four-tweet rant about multiple recounts taking place in Florida following the midterm elections earlier this month.

There was just one problem: It seems that Rubio doesn’t know what a field goal is.

Rubio attempted to compare the recounts to an NFL game that went down to a last-second field goal. Except he called it a “3 pt kick.”

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum or how you feel about Rubio’s logic, Twitter quickly jumped to the logical conclusion that Rubio has watched very little — if any — football in his lifetime after reading his tweet.

Reactions to Marco Rubio's NFL tweet
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Reactions to Marco Rubio's NFL tweet
It's hard to determine which Marco Rubio understands less: democracy, or football.
its 2018 and mahmoud ahmadinejad is less of a fake football fan than marco rubio
@marcorubio Dude, you've seriously NEVER played football... have you?
Today I learned that Marco Rubio has never watched a football game before.
Marco Rubio trying to make football metaphors is more painful to see than @vanderjames attempting to throw passes i…
I can’t wait to use “hits a 3PT kick” on this weekend’s broadcast.
I don’t know anything about football and even I can tell that Marco Rubio doesn’t know anything about football
@marcorubio 22 the famous football score

After his lengthy career as a politician in Florida — a state that is home to three NFL teams and plenty of college programs in the heart of SEC and ACC country — you’d think that Rubio would have picked up some football lingo by now.

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