Report: Trump is preparing to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary

Another Trump Administration official could be out. Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary...her exit is reportedly likely to happen soon, possibly as early as this week.

That’s according to the Washington Post who spoke with five current and former White House officials.

This comes as the President canceled a trip with his Homeland Security chief to visit U.S. troops at the border in Texas.

Now, Trump has reportedly complained about Nielsen’s performance on immigration enforcement.

Aides told the Post that Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose own future at the White House has been called into question has reportedly fought Nielsen’s pending dismissal, he wants the decision postponed.

Colleagues of Nielsen’s tell the Post that she is unhappy in the job.

Trump has attacked her in cabinet meetings and apparently calls her a “Bushie,” because of her time serving in the Bush administration.

Now, if Trump does decide to get rid of Nielsen, a deputy secretary couldn’t slide into the position because there isn’t a deputy.

The White House has not given a name to Congress for approval.

The day to day operations of DHS, if Trump doesn’t name another person to serve in an acting role, would fall to Claire Grady, the undersecretary for management.