Fox News hasn’t tweeted in days, sparking speculation

Fox News has not tweeted since November 8, and there has been intense speculation about why the network has gone dark on a social media platform where it has over 18 million followers and usually posts numerous times a day.

Many suspect it is linked to an incident where, according to a Washington Post report, the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson was targeted by protesters Wednesday evening after a group called Smash Racism DC tweeted out his address.

The report says that Carlson’s wife, “thinking it was a home invasion, locked herself in the pantry and called 911.”

Though Twitter reportedly removed the offensive messages, the Fox News executives issued a statement on November 8 calling the incident “reprehensible,” adding that “the violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable.”

Since then, Tribune Media’s Scott Gustin has weighed in on the topic, tweeting Friday: “The @FoxNews Twitter account has been silent for over 24 hours. A Fox News employee tells me Fox is choosing to stay silent while protesting how Twitter handled posts targeting Tucker Carlson — specifically the ones that included his address.”

“Source says the Twitter blackout decision came ‘from the highest level’ of the company,” he added. “Source indicated Fox will remain silent until Twitter removes the tweets and apologizes for mishandling the situation.”