What the forecast holds for Thanksgiving travel

As thousands of Americans get ready for the busiest travel dates of the year, the TSA is expecting this Thanksgiving to be unprecedented.

The Transportation Security Administration is projecting around 25 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, thats 7% more people flying than last year.

And it will also be a longer break for some. People trying to avoid the airport crowds will be flying out as early as Friday, November 16th and returning to their original destination on Monday, November 26th.

The busiest travel days will be the day before and the Sunday right after Thanksgiving.

So how does one get ready for airport mayhem? TSA suggests that you arrive early and know what to pack.

Turkey and stuffing are allowed in carry-on bags as well as pies and cakes, they are all considered solids.

Leave the gravy and mashed potato at home since they are considered liquids.

And if you’re taking yams with you, dry ones can go in your carry-on but if they have been prepared they are considered liquid and you will have to put them in a checked bag.

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