Ottawa Senators players caught ripping assistant coach, team performance while being secretly recorded in an Uber

  • Seven Ottawa Senators players were secretly recorded in an Uber criticizing the team's penalty-killing and assistant coach Martin Raymond.

  • The video, which was uploaded to the internet and eventually taken down, showed the players questioning the team's defensive philosophies, practices, and Raymond's coaching.

  • The players released a statement apologizing for the incident while the team backed Raymond.

Seven members of the Ottawa Senators were secretly recorded in an Uber criticizing the team's performance and assistant coach Martin Raymond.

According to The Ottawa Citizen, the video appeared to be taped while the team was on a road swing going through Phoenix, Arizona. A camera on the rearview mirror filmed the players. The footage was later uploaded to the internet before being taken down.

In the video, the players mock the team's penalty-killing abilities and the work done by Raymond, who coaches penalty-killing and previously coached power plays.

None of the players appeared to know they were being filmed.

"Marty Raymond, the only coach in NHL history to have the worst power-play and the worst PK within a calendar year," forward Matt Duchene said.

"Do you notice that when [Raymond] runs the video, if you actually do pay attention, he doesn’t ever teach you anything?" defenseman Chris Wideman said.

At one point, the driver asked what team the players are on. Wideman told him they're on the Senators, then said, "If you can tell, we're really pleased with [their PKs]."

Later, Duchene said: "We don’t change anything, ever. So why do we even have a meeting? I haven’t paid attention in three weeks."

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The Senators are 5-6 and rank towards the bottom of the league in penalty-killing and shots allowed per game.

The players in the video released a statement apologizing for the incident.

"We want to apologize publicly to Marty Raymond, our teammates, and coaches for our comments in Phoenix Arizona on October 29. Our private conversation was recorded without our knowledge or consent. We're passionate about our team, and focusing on growing together. We are grateful for the support of our fans and organization. This is an important learning experience, and we will do better."

The team also released a statement standing by Raymond.

"Nothing is more important to us during this rebuild than making sure our players and coaches are fully committed to our plan, our values and our system of play. We have every confidence in Marty Raymond's coaching; in the effort and determination of our team; and in the sincerity of our players' apology. We are now treating this as a team matter, and will be making no further comment to the media."

Watch the video below:

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