Michigan voters turned away due to missing voting machines

Michigan voters turned away due to missing voting machines

Some early-morning voters in Michigan were reportedly turned away on Tuesday due to a set of missing voting machines.

Constituents who showed up to cast their ballots at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit were dismayed to learn that election workers were having trouble locating the machines, according to WXYZ.

Officials told the station that the mix-up was due to a miscommunication about where the machines were being stored in the school prior to Tuesday's elections.

The machines were later discovered inside a locked closet that ill-prepared election workers did not have access to, which only worsened the delay.

The polling stations were eventually up and running about an hour and a half late, but it remains unclear how many voters were turned away as a result of the mishap.

The delay left some voters outraged.

"I take it very seriously," resident Sheree Walton WXYZ. "Someone died so I would have the right to vote."

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