77-year-old Texas woman tears up after voting for Beto O’Rourke


A 77-year-old Texas woman was overcome with emotion after casting her ballot for Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday.

Pamela Aguirre was carrying her oxygen tank and wearing her "Beto for Senate" T-shirt at her polling place in El Paso when O’Rourke showed up with his wife and children to cast his own vote.

During an interview with MSNBC's Garrett Raake, Aguirre teared up while explaining why the event was so emotional for her.

"Because I wasn’t expecting it, and because we think he's pretty important, and we're honored that he was here," Aguirre told the reporter, her voice breaking.

When Raake asked the senior voter why O’Rourke was so important to her, Aguirre was quick to reply, "because he represents everything that Donald Trump isn’t."

The Texas Senate battle between O’Rourke and Republican Ted Cruz has become one of the most closely watched political races of 2018's midterm elections.

Although Texas has not elected a Democrat to a statewide office in a quarter of a century, O'Rourke still poses a threat to Cruz going into Tuesday's election, which is surprising for the deep-Red state.

But even though the odds are stacked against O'Rourke, that hasn't stopped his fans, like Aguirre, from hoping for a miracle.

When asked what it would feel like to see him elected to the Senate, a tearful Aguirre responded, "everything, just everything."

"It will mean so much. It will mean that, by gosh, we all still have a chance to have a decent country and decent values with decent relationships with other people," she added.

And, for what it's worth, O'Rourke has also remained optimistic about his chances.

"If people keep turning out at the rates that we've seen, I'm confident that we will win," the politician said on Monday.