Former Bills quarterback rips Nathan Peterman for constant interceptions, suggests he kept his job because he's white

  • Former Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel criticized current Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman for being turnover prone.

  • Manuel wrote that he never had as many multiple-interception games as Peterman.

  • Manuel, who is currently unsigned, suggested that Peterman has kept his job because he is a white quarterback.

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel took to social media on Sunday to air some grievances about the play of current Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman.

Peterman got the start for the Bills against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and continued struggling to move the ball. Peterman threw three interceptions, including a pick-six (though, to be fair, they weren't all completely his fault) as the Bills scored just nine points, their third straight week under 10 points.

In 130 total pass attempts for his career, Peterman now has 12 interceptions, 3 touchdowns, and has completed just 54% of his passes for 4.2 yards per attempt.

On Sunday, Manuel posted on Instagram, writing that he never had so many multiple-interception games in his career. Manuel, who is unsigned after playing for the Oakland Raiders last year, suggested that Peterman still has a job because he is white while Manuel is African-American.

"I usually never open up about my situation in Buffalo, but the fact that this guy has had multiple games with 4-plus interceptions … and I still don’t have a job in the league? UNREAL," Manuel wrote. "Say what you want about me, but never have I EVER done that. Forget a learning curve, I didn't get the luxury of being able to use that excuse. I wonder why."

The post was later deleted.

Manuel played five years in the NFL, appearing in 30 games and starting 18 of them, including 17 with the Bills. For his career, Manuel completed 58% of his passes for an average of 125 yards per game, 6.4 yards per attempt, with 20 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. He posted a 77 career passer rating vs. Peterman's 32.5.

SB Nation's Tyler Tynes noted that Manuel had spoken before about the difference between black and white quarterbacks, saying the leash is longer for white quarterbacks.

"The leash isn't as long (as white quarterbacks)," Manuel told Tynes. "You have to take advantage of those opportunities when you get them. People are always a little critical toward (black quarterbacks), but it comes with the territory."

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