Teen 'sociopath' strangles mother, buries her under church's fire pit after argument over 'D' grade: authorities

A 15-year-old "sociopath" in Florida strangled his mother and buried her under a church's fire pit after she questioned him about a "D" grade in school, authorities say.

Gregory Ramos was charged with first-degree murder early Saturday after initially claiming to cops that their home had been burglarized and that his mother was missing.

"No sign of remorse whatsoever," Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said during a press conference on Saturday. "He was a soulless individual who thought he was the smartest person in the room and was going to outsmart 700 years of policing that was in that area working this case."

Investigators say that Gail Cleavenger confronted her son about his grades when he arrived at their home in DeBary on Thursday. They argued, but the teen would go up to his room.

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Chitwood said that Ramos went into his mother's room around midnight and choked her with his hands. When he returned later realizing she was not dead, he strangled her again, this time for 30 minutes, according to authorities.

Authorities say two friends helped Ramos bury his mother early Friday and assisted him with staging the burglary scene. A wheelbarrow was used to transport the body of Cleavenger, who was 46, to the church.

Then they all went to get a soda to celebrate, according to the sheriff. The other two teens were charged with accessory to murder.

"To watch how cold, and callous, and calculating he was, I think was probably the most shocking thing for all of us," Chitwood said.

As he confessed to the murder, Ramos said he considered cutting off his mother's finger so he could sell her wedding band in order to go to Michigan.

He also bragged about the 911 call he had made on Friday about the supposed burglary.

"He's probably one of the top 3 sociopaths I have ever come across," Chitwood said. "He was so happy with himself."