India's man-eating tiger shot dead after massive hunt


A female tiger suspected of killing more than a dozen people across a span of two years has been shot dead in India, reports the BBC.

According to the New York Times, she was fatally wounded by hunters Friday after responding aggressively to a tranquilizer dart.

Her death ends an intensive months-long search for the tiger, known as T-1, which was prompted by a high court ruling in September that she could be hunted and killed, as needed, notes the AFP.

The 6-year-old mother of two cubs is believed to have had 13 victims, most of whom were male herders.

The news provides relief for locals who lived in fear.

As such, the Times report says: “Villagers in the area erupted in joy when they heard about her death, shooting off firecrackers, passing out sweets and pumping their fists in the air.”

Her remains have reportedly been taken to a zoo to be autopsied.