Poll: Nearly 50 percent of US voters credit Trump over Obama for economic growth

A new poll shows that almost 50 percent of people think President Trump is responsible for the current state of the economy, compared to only 21 percent who give former President Obama the credit.

At a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump said, “Last week we announced that the US Economy grew at 4.1 percent last quarter, nobody thought that was possible.”

Obama told voters in Illinois to remember where the recovery started, hinting at the progress he made in office.

The Harris Poll showed that 15 percent of voters believe Republicans are responsible while 10 percent give credit to the Democrats.

There are some areas, like goods-producing jobs like manufacturing and oil drilling, that have seen a spike in growth since the 2016 election.

Overall, some experts say the economic growth since Trump took office has been a continuation of a steady trend.

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