Human remains found during basement dig at Long Island home

It wasn’t the Amityville Horror, but it was pretty close.

About 35 miles, to be exact.

A Long Island family found human remains while excavating the basement of a Long Island home a day before Halloween.

Officials who were called to the Lake Grove home in Suffolk County said Michael Carroll and his adult sons were digging out the basement of their family home when they discovered what appeared bones.

Carroll, 57, said he believes they belong to his father, who disappeared in 1961.

Carroll told Newsday he began looking for his father’s remains in the basement after a a psychic told him there was a strange “energy” in the home.

The family has been digging on and off for months.

The find was taken to the Medical Examiner to be examined by an anthropologist, police said.

The Amityville Horror was a movie about a supposed haunted house on Long Island, where a young man murdered his family in 1974.