Tampa Bay's quarterback problem features a curious stat

To the list of things that don’t last long in this world — dogs that chase cars, wedding bands that play Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” civil political discussion on Facebook — we can now add: Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks.

It’s no secret that Tampa Bay is in the midst of a quarterback … “controversy” isn’t the right word, more like “quagmire.” They’re the real-world version of your fantasy team, where every time you start a quarterback, the other guy would’ve scored more. Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick are passing the starting job back and forth like it’s hot, which is a bad enough state of affairs.

Quarterback joy in Tampa. (Getty)
Quarterback joy in Tampa. (Getty)

Now, add in this little stat, courtesy of Pro Football Talk, and you start to see the depth of the problem: Tampa Bay has drafted 25 quarterbacks, including Winston, and has signed exactly none of them to a second contract. None. Zero. Not one single quarterback in the Bucs’ 40-plus-year history has merited, in Tampa Bay’s eyes, a second deal.

As PFT notes, three of those quarterbacks, Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer and Steve Young, went on to win Super Bowls with other teams, so it’s not like the team can’t pick talent; it just can’t develop it.

The full list, per Pro Football Reference: Steve Young (supplemental), Vinny Testaverde, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Josh Freeman, Shaun King, Mike Glennon, Craig Erickson, Chris Simms, Chuck Fusina, Josh Johnson, Parnell Dickinson, Bruce Gradkowski, Randy Hedberg, Mike Pawlawski, Mike Ford, Steve Calabria, Joe Hamilton, Bob Lane, Pat O’Hara, Blair Kiel, Todd Hammel, Mike Shula, Jack Berry … and Winston.

It doesn’t appear Winston is going to break that streak. Perhaps whomever the Buccaneers select in 2019 will.

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