Wild animal population plummets 60 percent over last 40 years: report

A mass extinction of many wild animals has occurred.

According to the World Wildlife Fund’s latest report, 60 percent of all wild animals with a backbone that existed between 1970 to 2014 are now extinct. The cause is human activity.

According to AFP, the “Living Planet" report surveyed over 4,000 species spread over 16,000 populations across the globe, and the biggest decrease was in Latin America, where 90 percent of animals are gone.

Researchers are calling these extinctions irreversible.

The United Nations also issued a report with its own warning regarding climate change. The panel advised the world must decreased emissions by 45% by 2030.

If not, the earth could heat up by 1.5 degrees celsius on average.

Combatting that was one of the goals of the International Paris Climate Agreement, which President Trump withdrew from last year.

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