87-year-old man who broke his hip en route to buy Mega Millions ticket wins in hospital pool


An 87-year-old man who suffered a serious injury on his way to buy a Mega Millions ticket for last week's historic drawing landed himself in the hospital — and also with part of a $1 million prize.

Earl Livingston, a Blackwood, New Jersey resident, was walking to a store on Tuesday to purchase a lottery ticket when he fell and broke his hip, WCAU reports.

After sharing his tragic story with a physician's assistant at Jefferson Stratford Hospital, Livingston was invited to join 141 staffers and patients in the hospital's lottery pool.

"He told them he was on his way to buy a lottery ticket and he was disappointed that he didn’t get it," Livingston’s niece, Bobbie Mickle, told WCAU. "So they said, 'Why don’t you go in with us? We're also buying a lottery ticket.'"

Little did Livingston know, his unlucky accident would land him with a portion of the hospital pool's $1 million winnings.

Sadly, he will need a hip replacement due to his injuries, according to his family – but that hasn't stopped his excitement over the prize.

"I want to thank everybody," Livingston told reporters after his win. "I appreciate very much and God bless you and have a happy, happy long life!"

One lucky winner in South Carolina took home last week's $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot, the largest prize in the game's 22-year history.

Unfortunately, since the state allows lottery winners to claim their prize anonymously, the world may never find out the winner's identity.