Eric Trump says harsh political rhetoric 'might' be linked to violence

Eric Trump conceded to Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday that harsh political rhetoric “might” be linked to recent violence, including the shooting death of 11 people in an apparent anti-Semitic attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue earlier — or it “might not.”

“Listen,” he noted, “America mourns, right?”

Pirro quizzed President Donald Trump’s second son on both the synagogue shooting and the pipe bombs mailed earlier in the week to Democratic political figures and other targets of his father. The man arrested for the pipe bombs, Cesar Sayoc, was living in a van plastered with photos of the president and images of his targets with gunsight crosshairs over their faces.

“As we look at the news of the past week” and the violence ... “is this a sign of the rhetoric and the outrage people are hearing? Is there any correlation between the two?” Pirro asked.

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“Listen, there might be, and there might not be,” said Eric Trump. “At the end of the day, this is a very sick, sick, deranged human ... subhuman,” he added, referring to suspected synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. Trump complained that “it seems like we’ve gotten to a place in life and society where everything has to be kind of politicized ... Somebody has to point a political finger at absolutely everything. At the end of the day this is a sick, sick, sick person.”

He hit all of his dad’s earlier talking points about the synagogue attack, calling the gunman a “wack job” who “should absolutely get the death penalty,” and he gave what he called a “major shout-out” to law enforcement.

Check it out in the interview above.

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