Two Satan worshiping middle school girls plotted to kill fellow students and drink their blood

Two satanic knife-wielding school girls were arrested in central Florida, where cops say they were hiding in a bathroom waiting for smaller students to walk in so they could kill them and “leave body parts at the entrance” before taking their own lives. The goal was to murder 15 classmates.

Bartow Police Department thwarted the bizarre plot after a middle school resource office caught wind of the girls’ intentions, according to CBS.

A teachers at Bartow Middle School reportedly heard on Monday that one of the girls, an 11-year-old, had warned another student to avoid a certain area of the campus when she came to class Tuesday.

When the mother of one of the plotters was notified by robocall her daughter missed her second period class, she phoned the school to say the girl had been dropped off in the morning. That sparked a search by faculty and law enforcement that led to the discovery of the two girls — the other of whom is 12 — “with a goblet” in a washroom.

“The assistant principle believed they may have been consuming alcoholic beverages on campus and escorted both of the girls to principal’s office,” Chief Joe Hall said in a press conference. The conclusion of that test is not known.

According to police, that’s when the girls confessed to the plan. Both were said to have been armed with cutlery including a butcher’s knife and a pizza cutter. They “were planning in attacking and killing as many students as possible.”

Hall said the girls wanted to kill “at least” 15 people.

“Both students stated they are practicing satanists,” Hall said. He added, “They made comments they were willing to drink blood and possibly eat flesh.”

A search of the 12-year-old’s home turned up a map of the middle school with a notation reading “Go to kill in bathroom.”

The girls’ cell phones corroborated the plan.

“Today is health lessons. Thank Satan we are doing this in a bit,” one girl texted the other.

The girls are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, weapon possession and disruption of a school function.

“This is horrific,” Hall said, noting that the school officials acted properly and no one was hurt. “If I had children in school I’d be scared-slap to death, absolutely.”