Red Sox fans break out 'Yankees suck' chant during Game 1 of World Series

Boston Red Sox fans must have felt confident during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday. The instant the Red Sox pulled ahead by four runs, fans in the park ignored the Los Angeles Dodgers to focus on the franchise’s biggest rival.

During the eighth inning of the contest, the Fenway Park faithful broke out into a “Yankees suck” chant.

While taking the focus off the Dodgers could have backfired miserably, Los Angeles failed to make the fans pay. The Red Sox went on to win the contest 8-4. Red Sox fans didn’t completely ignore the Dodgers throughout the game. A few “Beat L.A.” chants broke out as well.

It’s not the first time Boston fans have ignored a sporting event in front of them to take a shot at the Yankees. A “Yankees suck” chant also broke out at a New England Patriots game just before the start of the American League Division Series. The Red Sox went on to defeat the Yankees in four games during that series.

Though it didn’t work out in Game 1, the Dodgers can still make Red Sox fans eat their words during Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday. With a win, they can even the series just before both teams head to L.A.

If the Dodgers can take care of business at home, they can make sure Fenway Park stays quiet for the rest of the postseason.

Red Sox fans will never pass up an opportunity to hate on the Yankees. (AP Photo)
Red Sox fans will never pass up an opportunity to hate on the Yankees. (AP Photo)

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