Video shows woman harassing family for speaking Spanish in restaurant

Video shows woman harassing family for speaking Spanish in restaurant

A white woman’s racist rant at a family of Central American visitors for speaking Spanish at a Virginia restaurant was so fierce it prompted calls to police.

The unidentified woman can be seen on disturbing cellphone video approaching the family inside Andy’s restaurant in Lovettsville, in the state’s northern tip, and launching into a finger-wagging tirade. She angrily ordered the family members to “go back to [their] f―-ing country” and show her their passports.

One of the Spanish-speaking diners, who didn’t want to give her name, told NBC 4 that she was there with her 7-year-old daughter and family members visiting from Guatemala when they were approached by the unhinged stranger.

“They’re here visiting and they don’t know English, so how do you want them to speak English when they’re here just visiting?” the woman told the station. “It’s not fair that they do this to us, and even less acceptable if there are children present. It’s not fair for any child to have to go through that. You just don’t do that.”

The woman continued her rant even after she left the restaurant, accusing the family of being freeloaders “on America,” according to video obtained by Telemundo.

Police responded, but the woman left and no charges were filed.

“The female subject was asked to leave the business by the manager and she complied without any further incident,” a spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office told HuffPost in an email.

The restaurant said in a Facebook post it had banned the woman.

“Thank you — and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve — for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome,” the eatery wrote in the post.

The hate-fueled incident is among several drawing headlines recently.

A woman was filmed accosting two Spanish-speaking women in a grocery store in Colorado earlier this month. In May, a man was filmed verbally attacking workers at a restaurant in New York City for speaking Spanish.

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