75-foot shipwreck discovered perfectly intact more than a mile underwater

A team of researchers has found the world's oldest intact shipwreck off the coast of Bulgaria.

The 75-foot boat is believed to have originated from ancient Greece. It was found more than a mile underwater, in oxygen-free conditions, which helped preserved the ship's parts, according to APTN.

It's just one of several ancient vessels the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project has found over the past three years.

"We're talking entirely preserved ships from keel to gunnel," archaeologist Dr. Dragomir Garbov said. "We're talking about still preserved ropes, shipwrecks that literally look as if they had sunk yesterday."

Project researchers have been using technology from oil companies to probe the ocean floor and find ancient wrecks.

"There are ships down there that had never been seen, apart from in murals and in paintings and books, and these are the first times they had been seen since they were afloat," said Edward Parker, CEO of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project.

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