New book asserts Melania Trump sees her husband as a ’father figure’ who can provide security

A new book about the women in President Trump’s life asserts that first lady Melania Trump sees her husband as a “father figure” who can provide security, pointing out their 24 year age difference, reports People magazine.

Nina Burleigh, the author of ‘Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,’ writes that an “old friend” of Melania Trump said, “It’s about all that power and protection. I think she needed a strong man, a father figure.”

Burleigh also states: “The rewards of submission to Donald’s ‘vitality’ and whims were great…Of course, there was a small price to pay to keep the wolf of financial mediocrity at bay. There was a role to play… Melania would play sex kitten Slovenian.”

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The author goes onto suggest that the 2016 election changed all of that and quotes a “New York friend” who commented, “Melania only wanted red-soled shoes and a roof over her head. And she got this.”

Other women discussed in the book include Donald Trump’s mother, his previous two wives, and daughter Ivanka Trump.