'A lot of yelling' in 911 call made the morning missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs vanished

The 911 call placed the day Denise and James Closs were gunned down in their Wisconsin home offers new insight into their deaths as well as the disappearance of their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme.

The dispatcher heard “a lot of yelling” when the call came in just before 1 a.m. on Monday, according to department records obtained by CNN. The caller did not speak, but the dispatcher could hear a disturbance under way.

The dispatcher attempted to call the number, but was instead met with a voicemail, which identified Denise Closs as the phone’s owner. It’s not clear who phoned 911, though they were inside the Closs’ home at the time, according to the dispatch logs.

Authorities responded within minutes to the home, located just outside the small city of Barron, where they discovered Denise, 46, and James Closs, 56, shot dead. The door of the residence had “been kicked in” when officers arrived on the scene, according to the dispatch logs.

The couples’ deaths were ruled a homicide, but no gun was recovered from the scene.

Their daughter, Jayme Closs, was no where to be found and police have been searching for her since fielding the 911 call Monday morning. An Amber alert has been issued and the FBI on Friday added her to its online list of kidnapped or missing people.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said based on the call logs and evidence found at the home, authorities think the teen was inside the residence when her parents were killed. He has repeatedly said they believe she is still alive, but in danger.

Jayme is not considered a suspect at this time and deputies are still working to uncover a motive in the deadly attack, he said.

By early Saturday afternoon,Fitzgerald revealed investigators have so far received “over a thousand tips and have thoroughly investigated over 800 of them.”

“We know bringing Jayme home is your highest priority too,” he continued in a statement shared on the department’s Facebook page.

“It’s important to understand that as our investigation progresses, we are constantly learning new information that guides our progress.”

Officers also urged residents to keep an eye out for any changes in those they know, as “people may act differently shortly after committing a violent act.”

“You may have observed such behaviors and not realized it at the time,” Fitzgerald said. “We are asking you to think back to earlier this week and let us know if you noticed any of the following” behaviors, including a sudden departure or unscheduled vacation in addition to things like missing work and seeming distracted.

“They may be anxious, nervous or irritable,” he said. “They may withdraw from normal activities.”

Jayme Closs is 5 feet tall and weighs an estimated 100 pounds. She has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair and anyone with information on the case should call the department tip line at 1-855-744-3879.

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