CC Sabathia blasts ump Ángel Hernández after ALDS: 'I don't know why he's doing these games'

The New York Yankees’ postseason is over and that means it’s time for the airing of grievances. First up: CC Sabathia has some very choice words for umpire Ángel Hernández and Major League Baseball.

Less than an hour after the Boston Red Sox eliminated the Yankees in the ALDS, Sabathia repeatedly derided Hernández’s ability and reputation as an umpire and MLB for assigning Hernández to postseason games.

CC Sabathia: Not a fan of Ángel Hernández

Sabathia started Game 4 for the Yankees on Tuesday and somewhat struggled, lasting only three innings and yielding three earned runs. He didn’t go as far as blaming his performance or the Yankees’ ALDS loss on Hernández, but he clearly wasn’t happy.

In addition to that, Sabathia insisted he and the Yankees weren’t alone in lamenting the sight of Hernández.

It’s worth noting that these two have a history together, with Sabathia yelling at Hernández for his strike zone earlier this season.

Unfortunately for Sabathia, Boston’s Game 4 starter Rick Porcello didn’t quite agree with him when asked about his comments.

Sabathia not alone in criticizing Hernandez

With all respect to Porcello, assuming he was serious, he might have trouble finding pro-Hernandez allies. The MLB replay booth certainly wasn’t a fan of Hernandez in Game 3, when the umpire had an astounding three different calls at first base overturned.

That game earned Hernández massive derision, with Pedro Martinez calling him “as bad as there is.” Hernández already carried a notoriously negative reputation heading into the ALDS, and his performance did little to turn public or player opinion.

CC Sabathia likely won’t be joining Angel Hernandez’s fan club anytime soon. (AP Photo)
CC Sabathia likely won’t be joining Angel Hernandez’s fan club anytime soon. (AP Photo)

This likely won’t help Hernández’s MLB lawsuit

Sabathia’s comments against Hernández would be notable in a vacuum, but they’re even more eyebrow-raising thanks to a certain legal case still ongoing in federal court.

Hernández sued MLB back in 2017 for racial discrimination because the league has declined to promote him to crew chief or assign him to the World Series despite nearly three decades of experience, ostensibly due to his Latino descent. Sabathia’s comments coincide with MLB’s anticipated argument: Hernández’s lack of a promotion and World Series assignment was based on his competence, not his race.

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