CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins apologizes for past gay slurs on Twitter

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins apologized Sunday for anti-gay slurs she made on Twitter as a college student.

The conservative LGBTQ group Log Cabin Republicans resurfaced messages from 2011 in which Collins used the word “fag” and questioned whether she wanted to room with a lesbian, according to several outlets.

“It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all,” Collins, who attended the University of Alabama, wrote on Twitter.

Log Cabin Republicans posted screengrabs of the tweets earlier in the day, prompting some backlash and debate about the unearthing of old tweets.

See images of the reporter:

CNN vice president of communications Matt Dornic, who identified himself as gay, said on Twitter he was “disappointed” that Collins used an offensive word, but accepted her apology.

Collins, who had previously worked for The Daily Caller, was at the center of a controversy in July, when the White House banned her from a press function after she called out questions to President Donald Trump about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

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