Kellyanne Conway says women in America see their husbands, sons and brothers in Brett Kavanaugh

Kellyanne Conway sees no reason as to why newly-confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be viewed as “tainted” — and thinks many American women see some version of their loved ones in him.

Conway, a counselor to the president, dropped by “This Week” on ABC Sunday morning to weigh in on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which came Saturday following a tumultuous investigation into allegations of sexual assault.

“Justice Kavanaugh should not be seen as tainted,” she said. “He should be seen as somebody who went through seven FBI investigations...had answered 1,200 written questions, had produced about a million pages of documents, submitted himself to about 33 or 35 hours of sworn testimony to the Senate, including denying the allegations that were put before him.”

Conway added that she believed Democrats wanted the country to see Kavanaugh as a “gang rapist.”

“A lot of women, including me, in America, looked up and saw a man who was…a political character assassination,” she said. “And also, we looked up and saw in him possibly our husbands, our sons, our cousins, our co-workers, our brothers.”

Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month regarding allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford at a house party in high school in the early ‘80s. Ford testified as well.

Conway said that all involved, including President Trump and the committee, were “very respectful” to Ford in allowing her voice to be heard, and that the amount Kavanaugh was put on display rivals only that of Clarence Thomas, who faced similar allegations in the early ‘90s.

“There’s been no Supreme Court justice in the history of this country that’s been more picked apart, with the possible exception of Clarence Thomas, who is in his 27th year on the bench,” Conway said.

“I think what Justice Kavanaugh should do is what he’s done for 12 years on the second highest court in the land, having authored over 300 judicial opinions. He should go to work. He should do his job.”

Shortly after Ford testified Sept. 27, Conway revealed she, too, was a victim of sexual assault. The Republican had previously told Fox News that Ford “should not be ignored and should not be insulted. She should be heard.”