The next great NBA controversy? Trail Blazers rookie says water isn't wet

Anfernee Simons doesn’t think water is wet. (AP Photo)
Anfernee Simons doesn’t think water is wet. (AP Photo)

In a world where Kyrie Irving has apologized about the flat Earth thing, the NBA may have already found its next great controversy. Portland Trail Blazers rookie Anfernee Simons doesn’t think water is wet.

Simons dropped that extremely spicy take during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

That question has kind of been a thing. Search “is water wet” on your favorite search engine or on Youtube and you’ll be hit with thousands of links on the subject.

This was Simons’ answer: “No, water is not wet. Whatever water gets on is wet.”

While that way of thinking might seem crazy to some, Simons might have a point. Actual scientists at UC of Santa Barbara have basically agreed with his assessment. They argue that, on its own, water isn’t wet. The second answer does give scenarios where water can be considered wet, but that is dependent on how you interpret the definition of the term “wet.” Seriously.

As you may have gathered, this is a polarizing issue. On the site, it’s split down the middle. Fifty-one percent of people on the site believe water is not wet. is not a scientific resource, but it’s worth checking out if you’d like to see phrases like “water is ice juice” and “say you pour water on water, would u say the water is wet?”

What should you do with this new-found knowledge? Honestly, we’re not sure. Hug your loved ones a little closer tonight and hope NBA players find another controversy to discuss.

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