Tom Brady appeared to try to hide Nike’s logo during a press conference and it backfired

  • Tom Brady wore his sweatshirt inside out while meeting with reporters on Monday.

  • The move was not a fashion faux pas, but rather, it was almost certainly a move based on Brady's endorsement deals.

  • As an Under Armour athlete, Brady was likely attempting to hide the Nike swoosh on his sweatshirt, but things didn't exactly go as planned.

Tom Brady took the podium with a peculiar look on Monday as he addressed the media.

During his press conference, Brady chose to sport his sleeves-cut Patriots hoodie inside out.

While it's certainly not the fashion sense you might expect out of a 41-year-old quarterback, the move appears to be due to branding.

Brady is one of the most prominent sponsors of Under Armour, while the NFL, and thus his Patriots apparel, is made by Nike. By wearing his sweatshirt inside out, Brady was attempting to hide the iconic swoosh in favor of his brand partners.

There was just one problem for Brady though — the swoosh was still visible on his right arm for the ten minutes he spent speaking with reporters.

It's not the first time Brady has taken measures to ensure they aren't pictured seeming to endorse a competing brand. During Patriots training camp in 2017, he pulled a similar move while speaking with NFL Network after a practice.

The move is not unique to football — last NBA season, a few players who had shoe deals with non-Nike brands took measures to hide the swoosh on their socks.

While Brady's effort surely was pleasing to Under Armour, he might want to consider cutting his sleeves a bit higher next time around for a more effective result.

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