Ranking all 25 possible 2018 World Series matchups

Baseball’s postseason field is set. By the end of this month, we’ll have a new champion (or maybe a repeat champ). Before that, you can count on a lot of twists and turns. And even a lot of opining.

For instance, some sports website out there is going to try to rank every possible World Series between the five teams that remain in the American League and National League. Oh no, wait, that’s us and you’re here, reading it, right now.

So yes, let’s commence once again in one of the most time-honored traditions among the Yahoo Sports MLB staff — ranking every possible World Series that the Baseball Gods could throw at us. Oakland A’s vs. Atlanta Braves? Oh yeah, we’ve thought about it. Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cleveland Indians? Not only have we thought about it, but we also have the best storyline for that one.

A little bit of sausage-making here: This year we made the list using ballots cast by eight Yahoo Sports writers who cover baseball. Their only instructions were to rank every possible World Series from No. 1 to No. 25. We tallied the ballots and the results are what you see below.

Venture onward, baseball fans and see if you think we’re crazy:

Who's No. 1 on our list? Well, Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox are half of it. (AP)
Who’s No. 1 on our list? Well, Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox are half of it. (AP)

1. Red Sox vs. Cubs — It would be the Theo Epstein World Series, the Jed Hoyer World Series and the Jon Lester World Series. But there’s even more than that: It would mark 100 years since the Red Sox and Cubs played in the 1918 World Series and would be a World Series featuring baseball’s two most iconic stadiums, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. Hard to find something to dislike here.

2. Yankees vs. Cubs – The Cubs and the Yankees haven’t met in the World Series since 1938 — so a good 80 years. That’s partially because the Cubs didn’t make many World Series since 1938. (The Yankees made, well, a whole lot.). In modern times: Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton vs. Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo would be one heck of a battle.

3. Yankees vs. Dodgers — They’ve met plenty of times in the World Series, but not since 1981. A bi-coastal meeting of two of MLB’s most popular franchises in the U.S.’s two biggest cities would be a ratings bonanza. And seeing Aaron Judge vs. Clayton Kershaw wouldn’t be bad either.

4. Red Sox vs. Dodgers — For being two of baseball’s more historic franchises, the Dodgers and Red Sox have never technically met in the World Series. The closest was 1916 when the Red Sox played the Brooklyn Robins, who would later become the Dodgers.

5. Astros vs. Cubs — This one is like a prize fight: The reigning champ and the champ before that, finally meet head-to-head. Oh, and Javy Baez vs. Alex Bregman might be the most confident World Series since Reggie Jackson was around.

6. Yankees vs. Braves — Between them, they played in six of the nine World Series in the ’90s, including two against each other. If the Braves surprise season were to somehow end with them finally beating the Yankees in the World Series, all of Atlanta might forget all about 28-3 for at least a week.

7. Indians vs. Cubs — The 2016 World Series was pretty good. The Cubs and Indians have changed a tad bit since then, but this would still be an entertaining showdown. You think the Indians don’t have some unfinished business against the Cubs?

8. Red Sox vs. Braves — aka The Revenge of Craig Kimbrel

9. A’s vs. Brewers — Really good bullpen vs. Really good bullpen. Khris Davis vs. his old team. Gio Gonzalez vs. his old team. There’s a lot to like here.

10. Astros vs. Dodgers — Six of the seven games last year were pretty darn entertaining. We’re not against a sequel.

With Matt Chapman and Khris Davis, the A's are one of baseball's surprise postseason teams. (AP)
With Matt Chapman and Khris Davis, the A’s are one of baseball’s surprise postseason teams. (AP)

11. A’s vs. Cubs — What if Edwin Jackson finds a way to pitch a Game 7 for the A’s and beat the Cubs in the World Series? If that happens, we’re most definitely living some kind of elaborate simulation like Elon Musk says.

12. Red Sox vs. Brewers — aka The Revenge of Travis Shaw

13. Indians vs. Dodgers — Give us Manny Machado vs. Francisco Lindor any day.

14. A’s vs. Dodgers — Thirty years after Kirk Gibson hit one of the most famous postseason homers in history and lifted the Dodgers to victory, a rematch would be pretty rich. Someone would have to limp around the bases, right?

15. Yankees vs. Brewers — If Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton meet in the World Series, somebody better buy tickets for Derek Jeter.

16. Astros vs. Brewers — Winner gets Chris Carter.

17. Yankees vs. Rockies — Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge in Coors Field? Forget the humidors, let’s get wild.

18. A’s vs. Braves — Winner gets Tim Hudson.

19. Astros vs. Braves — This is some old-school ’90s National League beef. And we’re here for Ronald Acuña Jr vs. Alex Bregman.

20. Indians vs. Braves — It would be an entertaining baseball series, but oh boy, could you imagine the protestors?

The Braves, led by young star Ronald Acuna Jr., are looking to make waves in the NL. (AP)
The Braves, led by young star Ronald Acuna Jr., are looking to make waves in the NL. (AP)

21. A’s vs. Rockies — Is it the sexiest World Series? Probably not. Would it be entertaining as heck watching Matt Chapman and Nolan Arenado play third base every inning? You betcha.

22. Indians vs. Brewers — Here’s a fantastic under-the-radar storyline: It’s the Bob Uecker World Series. Uecker, of course, is the longtime Brewers announcers, but he’s also quite famous for playing Indians announcer Harry Doyle in the “Major League” films. Juuuust a bit outside!

23. Red Sox vs. Rockies — It wasn’t great in 2007 either, if we’re being honest.

24. Astros vs. Rockies — What’s the record for most home runs in a World Series?

25. Indians vs. Rockies – While, yes, this matchup finished last in our group rankings, there’s nothing wrong with a Francisco Lindor vs. Nolan Arenado World Series.

Well, are we crazy? We’re not offended if you think so. Feel free to leave us a comment with your best and worst World Series, or send it to us on Twitter: @MLBYahooSports.

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