Trump calls letter from Kim Jong Un a ‘beautiful piece of art’

President Trump on Wednesday called a recent letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “a beautiful piece of art.”

During a press conference, Trump said in regard to Kim, “We have a very good relationship. He likes me. I like him. We get along. He wrote me two of the most beautiful letters.”

“When I showed one of the letters — just one — to Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe, he said, ‘This is actually a groundbreaking letter. This is a historic letter.’ And it is a historic letter. It’s a beautiful piece of art. And I think we’re going to make a deal,” Trump further noted.

Notably, Bloomberg reports that earlier, “Trump brandished the letter before reporters during the meeting with Abe on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He said he received an ‘extraordinary letter just yesterday’ from Kim but did not say what the dictator had written.”

Not long after, Trump suggested that the timeframe for North Korea’s denuclearization has been relaxed, commenting, “We’re not playing the time game. If it takes two years, three years, or five months, it doesn’t matter.”

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