Lindsey Graham: If Biden runs in 2020, he’d be ‘hard to beat’

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Friday said that if former Vice President Joe Biden runs in 2020 he would be “hard to beat.”

Just prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on advancing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Graham commented, “I can’t believe we’re saying this on our side, listen to Joe. But Joe was right a lot. Joe Biden’s a unique guy…He’s a decent guy. If he runs for president he’d be hard to beat.”

The Associated Press reported in early September that Biden has indicated he will make his final decision on 2020 run by January.

For now, Biden is focused on November’s midterm elections.

When asked over the Labor Day weekend what’s at stake in the fast-approaching races, he replied, “Everything. It’s simple: everything.”

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